Stoie's Musical Instruments Set for Toddler, Wooden Percussion Toys, Promotes Early Development & Learning

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Super-durable Stoie's Musical Instruments Set for Toddler and Preschool Kids Music Toywith a smooth finish, and without the excessive use of colored paints. 9 wooden instruments from across the globe, this set takes kids on a trip around the world! 

Inspires budding musicians and features 1 tambourine, 1 castanet, 2 hand bells, 1 maracas, 1 flute, 1 wooden block with stick, 1 agogo block with stick and 1 chime bar with stick. 

Great for car trips, playdates and show-and-tell, it makes your toy musical instruments easy to transport. Made with kid-friendly wood, this toddler musical instrument set is loved by parents. 

Wooden Percussion Toys for Boys and Girls - Promotes Early Development and Educational Learning

By experiencing different cultures, they become open-minded thinkers, boosting their tolerance and compassion toward others. Quality wooden music set with 13 pieces designed with toddlers in mind, including fun, easy to use instruments. 


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