Scotland Yard Board Game

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Scotland Yard - Family Board Game

A covert game of cat and mouse set on the London streets named after Scotland Yard - the headquarters of London's Metropolitan Police Service n real-life! Mister X the criminal mastermind escaped from Scotland Yard and the players are the detectives who need to catch him. 

Travel tickets can be used to anticipate his movements by chasing him. You can chase him by bus, taxi, circus, and Paddington station. Fast paced, intense and easy to learn making every turn of the player most exciting. This board game is the perfect game  for a family. 

Scotland yard family board game is a fun to play detective strategy game that seems to be different every time you play. Players work in a team to catch Mr X. 

  •  1 Game Board
  • 6 Playing Pieces
  • 29 Start Tickets
  • 130 Transportation Tickets
  • 1 Travel Log for Mister X
  • 1 Visor for Mister X
  • Instruction Booklet

Highly illustrated detailed playing board game which is based around Central London Travel. 


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