Preston Monopoly Board Game

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Preston Regional Monopoly Board Game is the fast dealing property game which helps in discovering some of the finest sites and attractions from around the sites and attractions around the city of Preston. Kids get to understand more about the distinguished past and about the vibrant, fascinating community through this amazing board game.

A tour of the board will help you discover the most exciting facts about the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Preston Monopoly Board Game is the worlds favorite family board game loved by adults as well as kids.

Players choose their favorite token which helps in taking tour of your favorite sites. Fortunes get accumulated buut you need to watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy. 

  • Players get to invest in hotels
  • You can trade your way to success
  • The perfect game which is a fun for the whole family 

Monopoly Preston edition board game conjures up lots of memories for people who get a chance to learn more about preston and its assets. It will be the prefect Christmas gift for your kid. 



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