Plushmallows Large( 50 CM) Cow Plush Toy, Percy, Plushie, Plush Cuddling Toy, Soft Plush Toy, Pillow Lumbar Back Cushion, Car Pillow, Wedding gift

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  • Cuddly Plushmallows Large Cow Plush Toy is a cute gift made of the natural eco-friendly short plush fabric and pp cotton filler. Plush cow teddy is soft, safe and friendly cow pillow pet for both adults & kids. It can stand up to lots of hugs, cuddles and adventures.
  • Plushmallow Percy is a kind of plush pillow & can be machine washed or hand washed and you do not have to worry about soiling or discoloration. Stains on this baby plush toy or the cow plush toy can be removed with a small amount of soap and water.
  • Super soft materials make this plush toy cow, cute cow teddy an ideal bedtime buddy of your kid. This is a large plush toy or a large teddy bear which can withstand many loves and hugs of children. This stuffed cow or the baby toy can develop your kid’s imagination and childlike innocence, and make their childhood engaging.
  • These plush toys also acts as the plush pillows and can be the best wedding anniversary gift for her, birthday gift for husband, birthday gift for boys, birthday and wedding gift for spouse and a perfect gift for holiday, Christmas, baby baptism. These plushmallows cow or the ute plushies are very famous in tiktok and used by adults and lovers.
  • Searching for the perfect Plushmallows Toy? The collectible Plushmallow Percy is super soft and comfortable, very suitable as a cute sofa cushion with Lumbar Back support, Lumbar back cushion, a travel companion or a companion during movie screenings, a perfect couch companion, pillow friend, sleeping partner for all ages .

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