Octopus Reversible Plushie, Double-Sided Flip Reversible Octopus Plush, Soft Stuffed Octopus Plush

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Gift your child with this loveable Octopus Toy that’s perfect for playing and cuddling!

Your child can flip this reversible plush toy into different colours and expressions, which makes it a cute and loveable companion. Simply flip this octopus plush toy for kids to one side to make a smiling face, and another side to show a sad face! This can be used as an emotion toy for toddlers and is also durable and easy to clean with soap and water. Mood Octopus will help you express your emotions. 

Cute & loveable mood toy:

Give your kids a lovely companion that can help communicate what they’re feeling!

Reversible design:

Double sided two colour design. Your kid can flip this reversible plush toy to change its color and expression!

Durable & washable plush material:

Made with high-quality PP-cotton material, this octopus plush toy for kids is durable and easy to clean.

Perfect gift for kids:

If you’re looking for a cute toy to gift your kid, this octopus plush toy is something they’ll really appreciate!

With a wide variety of colours to choose from, this octopus toy is a lovely and thoughtful gift that any kid will enjoy. You’ll be surprised how your kids can communicate their feelings with it!

Buy Reversible Octopus toy now to give your kid a cute companion!

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