Drumond Park 1290, Multi, Logo Mini Game

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Board games were popular in the pre-digital times and have been around for centuries.

Logo Mini Game helps to keep the players entertained for hours. Durable and educational board game for 2 teams of two or multiple players. Best in enhancing visual perception, letter recognition and dexterity. Playing board games is a great way to spend fun time with your kids and family.

It’s a fantastic game for a party, and can be played with as many people as possible for maximum enjoyment. Logo Mini Game Drumond Park 1290, is a great game which dissolves into raucous fights and laughter. Boost your kid’s brain, help them get different life lessons and improve language using Logo Mini Game.

  • Offers opportunity for early learning
  • Keep brains buzzing
  • Teaches value of teamwork
  • Boost different skills
  • Sharpens your childs focus
  • Soothes anxiety
  • Imaginative play 
  • Improved mathematical skills
  • Increased vocabulary

If you are one among the several parents struggling to find the balance between real life and digital connections Drumond Park 1290, Logo Mini Game is for you. Buy now and celebrate your time with your kids and family.

In the box: 

Playing board
50 Question Cards
2 Rule cards
2 playing pieces

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