CubicFun 5 in 1 Baby Musical Instruments Toddler Toys, Multi-Function Piano Drum Set Early Development & Activity Toys

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CubicFun 5 in 1 Baby Musical Instruments Toddler Toys is a multifunctional toy to help kids play piano, drum set, electronic xylophone and a whack-a-mole function. It is equipped with diversified modes so as to recognize numbers, animals and colours. 

It accelerates brain development, reading skills and mathematical learning. It helps in improving creativity , music potential and brings lot of fun for your kids. Helps building your kids character and personality. These baby Einstein toys are great gifts toys for toddlers. 

Its designed in a comfortable way so as to make it easier for your kids to play. The buttons on the instruments are lovely and colourful encouraging babies to play. The piano has 5 modes and th xylophone has 4 modes.

It works as an early educational development toy to enhance musical interest in your kid. This musical toy is the best to develop hand-eye coordination, grasp ability and fine motor skill. 

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