Asmodee – Dixit Board Game [French Version]

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Amazing illustrated cards to guess and guess. The players can improve their storytelling skills with these cards. Describing cards with a single word or a sound or a short phrase thats what players do with this board game.

Buy Asmodee – Dixit Board Game [French Version] to immerse yourself into an enchanting world of imagination. Players have to keep a mystery flow with the cards they pick up and have to choose their words carefully. 

An enchanting board game to play with your family and friends. Its a classic boardgame where creative guesswork plays a major role. Easy to learn and play the basics of this board game is simple & straightforward. 

A great game for game night with adults and kids. Amazing illustrations and gorgeous artwork depicts different situations which brings your imagination into unexplored realms. 

Simple, brilliant, beautiful, imaginative board game which helps to have fun for all. 



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