4 Handwriting Practice Books with Magic Pen and 8 Refills

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Handwriting Practice Books with Magic Pen and Refills

Train your child’s English handwriting skills with Toy Castle’s Handwriting Practice Books that come with a Magic Pen!

With 4 handwriting practice books filled with beautiful illustrations and a Magic Pen that automatically disappears after drying, you can finally help your kids develop their penmanship skills to perfection. If you’ve been looking for writing workbooks for kids, look no further!

  • Develop your child’s handwriting – These books improve your kids' handwriting by letting them follow paths with a pen and draw different shapes, which helps their motor skills. Simply put, this is the best KS1 writing practice book for improving your child’s handwriting!
  • Comes with Magic Pen – When your kids write with our Magic Pen, the ink automatically disappears after it dries so you can continuously hone your kids’ handwriting!
  • 4 Reusable handwriting practice books – Because of the invisible ink of the Magic Pen, you can reuse these children’s handwriting books as much as you or your kids like! The books cover the English Alphabet, Addition, and Subtraction.
  • Comes with 8 refills – The Magic Pen comes with 8 refills, adding to the reusability of these handwriting practice books!

  • Having this collection of books for writing practice and handwriting improvement is a great way to help your kids learn while spending quality time with them. And with each calligraphy practice book covering different concepts, there’s a lot to unpack and learn for your kid’s betterment! All in all, this is the ideal writing practice book for 4 to 6 year olds.

    Buy Toy Castle’s Handwriting Practice Books now to improve your child’s handwriting!

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