TOEY PLAY 3 in 1 Mini Animal Figures Set, Jungle Wildlife Zoo Animals, Farm Animals, Dinosaurs Toys, 56PCS, with Carry Case

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TOEY PLAY 3 in 1 Mini Animal Figures Set is a realistic animal model which can easily attract the attention of children. Contains three kinds of animals. 12 dinosaurs, 12 jungle animals and 12 farm animals. Including: T-rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, zebras, rhinos, lions, gorillas, sheep, pigs, bulls and more.

36 animals figures and 20 accessories. Including 1 volcano, 2 rockery, 8 fences, 1 dinosaur egg, 2 rocks, 5 trees, 1 storage box with handle. Children can use fences to build farms, trees or rockery to create jungles or dinosaur worlds, etc.

Perfectly suitable for small hands. Made of high-quality plastic, safe for children. The suitcase is easy to store and carry. Children can play in the garden or go on a picnic with toys.

Realistic design toys having simulated skin textures and colors, with obvious features. It is an excellent learning resource. Suit for 3+ kids and play under the supervision of adults. An educational toy set that can increase the range and types of animals children learn. Stimulate their imagination. Enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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