Elephant Plush Toy for Kids 40 CM

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High-Quality Elephant Plush Toy- 40 CM height.

This cute and cuddly baby elephant teddy will make a great safari guest. This grey elephant teddy is made from super soft plush and will be a favourite for cuddling. This elephant plush toy measures 40 cm in size.

This will be your kid's best friend and they won't want them to go anywhere else. They keep it close with them and cuddle whenever they need it. 

Many children have grown to enjoy and appreciate the fascinating facts about nature thanks to this unique brand of beautifully made and accurately illustrated soft toy elephant plush toy.

We pay special attention to detail to ensure that these soft toys look as natural as possible, delighting and educating both children and adults.

Plush Toy Specifications

Height: 40 cm

Width:  30 cm

Thickness:  30 cm


Packing Specifications:

38*38*12 cm

Weight: 350 Gram

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